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    General Automotive Repairs

    Are you looking for general automotive repair in Milwaukie? Do you need something fixed on your vehicle? T&S Automotive and Exhaust specialize in general automotive repairs. Our ASE-certified mechanics are ready to assist you.

    For the most part, general automotive repairs consist of high-frequency replacement parts such as fluids, filters, belts, electronics, etc. These routine repairs are just a small part of what T&S Automotive can do. We can help you with anything from a sparkplug for one vehicle to a complete engine rebuild for a fleet. Not a problem for us. Here are some general automotive repair items we deal with commonly.

    If you feel your vehicle is having issues with any of these components, or anything more severe, give us a call at 503-652-2200 to schedule a free inspection.

    Lights and Indicators

    Does your vehicle have a dead headlight, flasher, running light, or reverse light? These repairs are inexpensive and vital to safety. These items are included inspections points in our Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

    Drive Train

    Do you feel vibration while driving, accelerating or braking? Most often than not, these kinds of vibrations are coming from a drive train component, such as an axle joint, wheel bearing, or break caliper, rotor or drum. If you feel any kinds of unfamiliar vibrations, contact our team and schedule and inspection.

    Belts, Lines and Peripherals

    Keeping your engine running in top shape is important. Belts and Fluid Lines are important factors in keeping your engine cool, and running at top performance. If you see any leaks, or signs of fresh coolant or oil, get them fixed as soon as possible. Peripherals such as water pump, air conditioning unit, power steering pump, and power brakes should be inspected for leaks and repaired when discovered.

    Electronics and Diagnosis

    As technology continues to grow, we are seeing more and more electronics at the core of vehicle management. From faulty wiring harnesses to engine codes, our team has the tools and experience to diagnose and solve any problem your vehicle might be experiencing. Have a check engine light on? Having weird electronical issues? Reach out to our team so we can help!

    Fluids and Filters

    All vehicles have multiple fluids and filters that need to be checked, topped off or replaced on a scheduled basis. From the coolant that cools your engine, to the differential fluid that lubricates your gears, each one has it’s job and is important to safety and vehicle longevity. Bring your vehicle into T&S Automotive and exhaust in Milwaukie, and out team will ensure your vehicle is performing at 100%.

    Evap and Intake

    Your vehicle has multiple points where air and air pressure are vital to performance. From breathing in fresh air for proper combustion, to vacuum controlled returns and releases, a small leak can make a large impact on efficiency. Sometimes an engine code can provide a solution, but sometimes it takes the keen eyes of a trained professional to chase down and fix minor leaks which are causing big problems.