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  • 5 preventative engine maintenance tips

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    Everyone knows how important the engine is in a vehicle; if the engine stops working correctly, you already know you are about to be stuck in the mud. Engine maintenance will help reassure you that your engine won’t overheat while taking a road trip. If your engine is not operating correctly, this could be a significant safety issue when it comes to driving your vehicle. The engine is a huge block of machinery with several different parts that work together to help distribute energy throughout the automobile. At T&S Automotive Services, we suggest preventative engine maintenance to avoid safety hazards and possibly saving you money in your wallet.

    1. Oil Changes:

    Having your car’s oil changed is by far one of the most straightforward solutions to make sure your engine stays healthy. Oil changes help the performance of your automobile. Engine oil can be changed every six months or 7,500 miles. Over time your oil can start to look like a thick, sticky, muddy mess; this is what you don’t want in your engine. Recommendations in the past were 3500 miles, but that number has increased with today’s modern lubricants. Call T&S Automotive and get your oil changed today or have preventative engine maintenance done!

    2. Keep it Clean:

    Your engine has the most critical job. If your car didn’t have an engine, it wouldn’t move unless you found a nice cliff to watch it go over. This is why it is essential to clean your engine from dust, debris, and grime. As time goes by, leaves and dirt go under the hood of your car and block your filters. Grease can cover your engine and trap heat, making it hard to lower the temp of your engine. A mechanic will clean the exterior parts of the engine with some degreaser. If you are ever driving down the road and you smell, smoke, or hear noises coming from your engine, call a mechanic as soon as possible. Call T&S Automotive and get your oil changed today or have preventative engine maintenance done!

    3. Spark Plug Maintnance:

    Maintenance on your spark plugs will help dirt and grime stay out of your vehicle combustion chamber. The way you do this is by removing the plug lead, cleaning around the area, removing the plug, and using a special cleaner and brush to remove the dirt and dust. The job is minor, but this will help your engine stay running a lot longer and giving it a slight performance boost.

    4. Engine Lubrication:

    A lot is going on when it comes to an engine. It is essential to make sure it’s constantly lubricated. When performing engine lubrication maintenance, you will need to check the piston rings, crankshaft, and cylinder walls are all lubricated. The friction that is caused by many of these engine pieces will become progressively worse. When the damage becomes irreparable, you will need to replace parts before the engine can work properly. Call T&S Automotive today, and we will also check the seals in your engine to make sure everything is fitting together.

    5. Using T&S Automotive:

    To avoid doing any of this yourself and saving yourself a lot of time, you can call T&S Automotive and hire us, professionals, to do the job for you!

    To learn more about Preventative Maintenance Inspection, please visit our services section on our site or call us today! Thank you for reading this blog, and we hope we have given you enough information!

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