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    If you have found your vehicle has a leaky exhaust, or your vehicle isn’t passing DEQ because of an exhaust problem or due to a catalytic converter, our exhaust shop can fix it!

    We do everything exhaust-related, from a small leak to a large, new exhaust kit to fully custom-built. Our exhaust shop has fully invested in the proper equipment to ensure that your pipe bends and welds come out just as you expect.

    Exhaust Repair in Milwaukie, Oregon

    You never want to ignore problems regarding the exhaust system of a vehicle. For example, if there is a leakage of fumes from a damaged exhaust system in your car, components can also be damaged. Moreover, harmful gases might get into the passenger cabin. The position of the exhaust system is beneath the automobile, which implies that it becomes exposed to debris, dirt, salt, and grime regularly. Consequently, this kind of exhaust damage is comparatively common on all vehicles in Milwaukie, Oregon, and beyond. Below, we cover some guidelines on how to spot and repair exhaust systems to fix the damage.

    Exhaust Inspection

    It is a fact that all types of exhaust system damage are not the same. In case the issue happens to be a small crack or rust within the piping, then a patch-up job could be able to solve this problem. However, if the damage happens to be more severe, then the replacement of the entire exhaust system might be required. For this, you need to take a proper look underneath the vehicle.

    On most occasions, the damage takes place on the underside of the vehicle’s exhaust system since it is the side that is facing the road. It is difficult to identify underside damage; however, in case the damage occurs on the top side which faces the vehicle, an inspection mirror will be required.

    Exhaust Repair

    Depending on the location where the damage has occurred and also its severity, patching up might be possible. For instance, in case there is any small crack within the exhaust pipe, it will be imperative to clean the damaged area and apply a mesh as well as an exhaust repair paste. Otherwise, you can simply make use of aluminum and exhaust repair tape which will be adequate. It is also feasible to patch up small holes within the muffler by making use of muffler tape.

    While inspecting your vehicle you might find that some components of the exhaust piping have become damaged severely. In these situations, replacement of the damaged components with new piping will be imperative.

    Exhaust Replacement

    It is a fact that every single exhaust repair job is not going to be simple. Sometimes, replacement of the entire components might be required. For instance, in case the catalytic converter becomes damaged, it will be very difficult to repair it. Instead, it will be imperative to replace the entire converter.

    In the same manner, whether or not it will be possible to patch up the damaged pipe will depend on the location of the damage. While traveling through pipes, exhaust fumes are going to cool down such that pipes that are nearer to the engine will become hotter as compared to those which are located near the tailpipe. In case the pipe becomes damaged prior to the catalytic converter, it might become excessively hot to get the repair job done with exhaust paste. In that case, the installation of a new component will be imperative.

    In Milwaukie, Oregon, you need to perform an emissions test in case you’d like to drive your vehicle legally. This test will help to figure out the number of harmful gases which are released by the normal operation of your car. Your vehicle will not pass DEQ (the vehicle emissions test) in case the Check Engine light continues to glow on the dashboard. In such cases, your car has to be repaired.

    Locally Owned and Operated Exhaust Shop

    We install and repair exhausts for any vehicle size, compact cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks are all welcome. We offer a variety of mufflers, and catalytic and exhaust tips. Simply choose from one of our options, and we build the rest right in the shop.

    With only a handful of exhaust shops in Milwaukie, we work hard to make sure our exhaust shop is the best, and the service top-notch. Our family of ASE-certified technicians is ready to assist you with any exhaust installation or exhaust repair. Ready to get your exhaust installed or repaired? Call (503) 652-2200 now!

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