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    Exhaust Repair and InstallationExhaust Shop

    At T&S Automotive and Exhaust, our exhaust shop is passionate about installing, building, and repairing exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. Whether you’re driving a compact car or a jacked-up diesel pickup truck, you can rely on us to get your vehicle purring like a kitten and running smoothly.

    If your car has a leaky exhaust or isn’t passing DEQ due to an exhaust problem or a catalytic converter issue, our exhaust shop can fix it!

    We specialize in everything exhaust-related, from minor leaks to large, new exhaust kits and fully custom-built exhaust systems. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment to ensure your pipe bends and welds look and sound right. Whether you need exhaust repair or installation, make an appointment with T&S Auto to get the job done!

    Exhaust System Issues

    Ignoring exhaust system problems can lead to serious issues down the road. For instance, fumes leaking from a damaged exhaust system can damage other components and even allow harmful gases to enter the passenger cabin.

    Also, because the exhaust system is located beneath the vehicle, it’s regularly exposed to debris, dirt, salt, and grime, which can cause damage over time. In Milwaukie, Oregon, and beyond, exhaust damage is a common issue among all types of vehicles.

    Exhaust Inspection

    When repairing exhaust system damage, not all damage is created equal. If the issue is a small crack or rust within the piping, a quick patch-up job may be all that’s needed.

    If the damage is more severe, the exhaust system may need replacing. This requires a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s underside, the area exposed to the road surface that takes the most damage. An inspection mirror may be necessary if the damage is on the top side.

    Exhaust Repair

    Depending on the location and severity of the damage, patching up may be possible. For example, if there’s a small crack in the exhaust pipe, the damaged area must be cleaned, and an exhaust repair paste or aluminum and exhaust repair tape can be applied. Small holes in the muffler can also be patched up with muffler tape. 

    However, if some components of the exhaust piping are severely damaged, replacement with new piping is imperative.

    Exhaust Install and Replacement

    In some cases, the entire exhaust system may need to be replaced. For example, the catalytic converter can fail for various reasons, such as overheating, physical damage, or internal component failure. When this happens, the entire exhaust system may need to be replaced, as the catalytic converter is an integral part of the system.

    DEQ Emissions TestOregon DEQ

    In Milwaukie, Oregon, an emissions test is required to drive your vehicle legally. This test measures the harmful gases your car releases during regular operation. If the Check Engine light remains illuminated on the dashboard, your vehicle won’t pass DEQ, and repairs will be necessary.

    Locally Owned and Operated Exhaust Shop

    As a locally owned and operated exhaust shop, we’re equipped for exhaust installs and repairs, regardless of vehicle size. Whether you’re driving a compact car, SUV, van, or truck, our exhaust shop has the tools and knowledge to get you back on the road. 

    At T&S Auto, we offer a variety of mufflers, catalytic converters, and exhaust tips, and we build the rest right in the exhaust shop.

    There are only a few exhaust shops in Milwaukie, but we strive to be the best, offering top-notch service from our family of ASE-certified technicians. If you need an exhaust installed or repaired, call us at (503) 652-2200 now!