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    Improved efficiency

    One advantage is that you can simplify daily operations and use advanced technology to have detailed maintenance records to keep a fleet operating efficiently and on time.

    You will also be able to briefly view which drivers adhere to company policy and which don’t. This can help businesses to improve their overall productivity and efficiency.

    Increased safety

    Fleet Maintenance systems can support businesses through improved safety levels by ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained and keeping track of information like tire pressure, oil levels, and drive behaviors. Thus, businesses can ensure their vehicles are safe and promptly identify potential risks.

    Contact T&S Automotive at (503) 652-2200 today if you’re having trouble scheduling maintenance and repairs on time for your vehicles.

    Cost Reduction

    Your costs will start to fall once you have a Fleet Maintenance system. You save money by reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and accidents. Helping you identify areas of waste and avoid being charged too much enables you to stay within budget.

    A sound system will help you track your vehicles to see which ones need service or repair. This can save you time and money.

    The importance of choosing the right Fleet Maintenance Company for your business

    Picking the right company is essential because it will impact how efficiently your operation runs.

    The rise of increased customer dissatisfaction often stems from poor service. This includes:

    • Not working with businesses that provide pick up and drop off vehicles that are due for maintenance,
    • Not using towing services if needed, or
    • Having a lack of knowledgeable technicians and experts with outdated technology.

    These are just some of the concerns your business might suffer.

    So, what can you do about it?

    Work with T&S Automotive; we want to be your authorized shop that you can trust. We offer the same or better services but with none of the associated headaches caused by a lack of knowledge or outdated technology.

    To talk more about how we provide impeccable services from expert advisors, contact our team at (503) 652-2200.

    How to get started

    With many auto repair shops, it is essential to do research to find the shop that best meets your needs. Don’t let little problems become big ones. Let us help you avoid doing heavy research and save yourself time.

    By implementing a well-executed Fleet Maintenance system, your company will provide services on time, providing your clients with a positive experience, and resulting in their loyalty and trust.

    A trusted partner such as T&S Automotive and Exhaust will help your Fleet Maintenance system run smoothly.

    We’ve been in business since 2011. We work hard to earn our customer’s trust and prove that they can rely on us. We manage your fleet like it’s ours, doing right by you with little to no turnover. We believe in honest, straightforward business with companies like yours looking for a long-lasting relationship with T&S Automotive and Exhaust.


    Would you like to see your business’s efficiency when your company starts using Fleet Maintenance?

    Call T&S Automotive at (503) 652-2200 to speak with our skilled tech person who will work with you, and give you honest answers, expert advice, and customized service to meet your needs without leaving you frustrated or over-charged.

    We look forward to helping you find the right solution!